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3-Way RAT Mod (Rat modification) 5 E Manual410 Phaser 5 E ManualAD9 True bypass Mod (Ibanez AD9 modificat 5 E ManualBD-2 Phat Mod (Boss BD-2 modification) 5 E ManualCompressor 5 E ManualDD3 Mod (Boss DD-3 modification) 5 E ManualDS-1 Ultra Mod (Boss DS-1 modification) 5 E ManualFramptone Amp Switcher 5 E ManualFramptone Talkbox 5 E ManualFramptone Talkbox 5 E TutorialFuzz Head 5 E Circuit drawingFuzz Head 5 E ManualJava Boost 5 E Circuit drawingJava Boost 5 E ManualMT-2 Mod (Boss MT-2 modification) 5 E ManualNova Wah 5 E ManualParallel Mixer 5 E Manual and Circuit drawingRAT Mod (Rat modification) 5 E ManualSD-1 Ge 5 Star Mod (Boss SD-1 modificatio 5 E ManualSD-1 Stacked Mod (Boss SD-1 modification) 5 E ManualSeeing Eye Mod (Boss DS-1 modification) 5 E ManualTime Machine Boost 5 E ManualTime Machine Boost - 2004 model 5 E User guideTrue-bypass Looper 5 E ManualTS808 Mod (Ibanez TS-808 modification) 5 E ManualTS-9 Baked Mod (Ibanez TS-9 modification) 5 E ManualTS-9 Mod Plus (Ibanez TS-9 modification) 5 E ManualTS9DX Flexi-4x2 Mod (Ibanez TS-9DX modifi 5 E Manual
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