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10-band Graphic Equalizer version 1.2 10 E Build instructions250+ Overdrive/Distortion 10 E Build instructionsAnalog Chorus 10 E Build instructionsArmstrong Twin 10 E Build instructionsCompressor 10 E Build instructionsConfidence Booster 10 E Build instructionsDigital Delay 10 E Build instructionsDigital Echo & Ping Pong 10 E Build instructionsE.S.V. 2-knob Bender 10 E Build instructionsE.S.V. Fuzz 10 E Build instructionsEnvelope Filter 10 E Build instructionsLarge Beaver 10 E Build instructionsLarge Beaver version 2.0 with EQ voicing 10 E Build instructionsLazy Sprocket 10 E Build instructionsMK2 Fuzz 10 E Build instructionsMK2 Fuzz (older versions) 10 E Build instructionsMK2 Fuzz version 3 10 E Build instructionsMouse version 2.0 with 6-way clipping swi 10 E Build instructionsOctavefuzz 10 E Build instructionsOptical Compressor 10 E Build instructionsOverdrive 10 E Build instructionsScript 90 Phaser 10 E Build instructionsShredder 10 E Build instructionsTremelo 10 E Build instructionsTri Boost 10 E Build instructionsUltimate Fuzz 10 E Build instructionsVibrato BA6110 version 10 E Build instructionsVibrato BA662A version 10 E Build instructionsWah 10 E Build instructionsWah (older versions) 10 E Build instructions
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